David Lange

Artist - Designer

I’ve been creating things for as long as I can remember. The desire to express myself in this way is part of who I am. As a designer I’ve found digital art to be a fulfilling creative outlet and enjoy the process of creation and discovery.

As a vector artist, I work primarily in Adobe Illustrator and although I continue to explore different styles the one I gravitate towards is something like digital expressionism. The combination of distinct vector geometry and lively color make my work a fusion of classic impressionism and contemporary pop art.


Color & Nature

The intensity and emotional resonance of color, vibrant hues in particular, fascinate me. Compelling color compositions are an endless source of inspiration and excitement.

Nature by contrast has a deeper, more sublime virtue. There’s a profundity in its beauty, a poignancy in its stillness. Though my work tends to be a departure from naturalism, it’s a homage in its own way.

I'm attracted to the drama and realism of classic art as well as the vitality of contemporary pop art, illustration and the innovative artists and styles that populate the modern art scene.


Creating Beautiful Things

My goal as an artist is to create beautiful works that delight the viewer and enhance the human experience. Creating artwork that is vibrant, visually engaging, and satisfying just to behold is something that continues to drive my work.

Of all the ambitions an artist can have this is one of the simpler ones, but I don’t believe, any less meaningful. Enriching the experience of life and celebrating the simple but profound beauty of color is a satisfying pursuit.

Though I’ve fixated somewhat on a similar style and subject matter, my work thus far only scratches the surface of a wide range of subjects and styles I look forward to experiencing. I love exploring new approaches, subjects, and ideas and will continue to experiment and develop my voice as an artist.