Model Request

I’m always looking for images of people to create various styles of artwork out of. I’m interested in a variety of different shots. If this is something that interests you, the guidelines below describe the type of images I’m looking for. A signed copy of the model release form linked below is required with each submission. Images will be used at my discretion and possibly sold with my other work at Fine Art America.

Images can be sent to

Model Release Form

Style & Content

Think like an artist or photographer. The people, their facial expressions and the overall compositions just need to be interesting to look at. Silly facial expressions can make engaging Pop Art, while a more serious or thoughtful look can be similarly compelling.

Expression: Candid, goofy, serious, or thoughtful are all fine, but nothing forced, cliched, or cheesy. Exaggerated expressions are okay if, instead of feeling forced, they honestly convey a sense of fun or emotional extremity.

Background: Interesting background elements may contribute to the composition but for shots of people, are typically left out of any designs. They don’t really matter as long as they don’t interfere with the composition of the person. The subject should not be physically interacting with peripheral elements that will not be included in a design. Sitting, or leaning against things is okay.

Composition & Angle

A range of angles are acceptable as long as the images are interesting. A few specific shots I’m interested in are portraits from straight-on, and 45 and 90 degree side angles. Also full body compositions in candid/natural postures and situations. Action shots are also acceptable. The person must be fully in view, not obscured by foreground/background elements.


Images don’t need to be professionally taken as long as their overall quality is good. They should be decently lit, in focus, properly composed, and high resolution.

Thank you to any and all willing subjects.